Economist by La Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Postgraduate by IESE BS.

Two factors have drawn my personality: an endless curiosity and Internationality. Both have leaded me to become a passionate person for Social Sciences and to grow with a strong sensitiveness for cultural diversity. A frequent traveler, I can properly communicate in 5 different languages.

The Consumer understanding has been the driver of my 19 years of working experience. I have developed different roles all along the Value Chain in the MR Industry: End Client, Agency and Service Provider.

In Spain, my positions as “End Client” have been: Marketing Director at Auchan Supermarkets, Merchandising Director in Carrefour Supermarkets and Marketing Responsible in AECOC, the FMCG Spanish Institution of a similar nature to Esomar. In the MR Agency side, I have served for six years as Retail Director in TNS Worldpanel and Synovate. As a Service Provider of online Data Collection, I am currently leading the international business of Netquest in Europe and Asia.

For the last 4 years I have been very active at Esomar, participating in many Seminars and Conferences in Europe, America and Asia. This continuous exposure allows me to capture the differences among countries, understand the global and local challenges and threats within our Industry and be aware of the latest trends and technologies.

With great enthusiasm, I present my candidacy to the Esomar Council. My candidacy can be defined by 5 strong concepts and personal beliefs:

  1. Bridge across continents. I want to contribute to spread the best of our Industry taking advantage of my role in Europe and Asia and the focus of Netquest on America
  2.  Coming from Barcelona, I bring the view from a Mediterranean perspective perfectly connected to the core of the Industry and innovation
  3.  Online Data Collectors and general MR Service providers, being key players, should have a more relevant word in Esomar
  4.  I am a digital optimist, and I believe that digitalization must be a positive force that will help businesses grow and be more efficient and effective.
  5.  My strong concern for the need of showing the real value of the Market Research Industry beyond the Price

My willingness of engagement to Esomar is the natural result of my career and personality. With a great sense of responsibility I ask for your vote. Thank you. Gracias.