Thank you for your interest in my candidacy to become the ESOMAR President for the term 2019-2020. I am happy to share with you my statement. I hope you like it and would love to get your feedback. ESOMAR is about community, so it is on our side to shape it for a better future.

“Just when we thought we had all the answers, suddenly, all the questions changed” (Mario Benedetti, Uruguayan writer. 1920-2009).

The digitisation of our lives and societies has taken us into a new era. We are not in an Era of Change; rather we are experiencing a Change of Era.

It has taken time for our market research community to become fully aware of the extent and intensity of the impact of digitisation on the object of our focus, that is, the Consumer/Citizen. But for the last few years we have all read, reflected, discussed, and many of us have written, about it. And, most importantly, we have taken action! As a result, the landscape of our industry is transforming.

New end-client needs are the main drivers of this change. “Better, Faster and Cheaper” is the new claim accompanying Automation and Artificial Intelligence; and it is diversifying our data, research and insights community. In the past, our community could be perceived as a ‘James Bond Gentlemen’s Club’; today I view our community as being a “Star Wars Intergalactic Canteen”. Our species are diversifying day by day. These new species bring different academic backgrounds, mindsets, skills and even data-linguistics with them; all of which help us to better meet our shared objective.

I believe our two biggest challenges are to grow and further diversify our ESOMAR community, and to continually adapt our professional paragon to the demands of digital societies particularly those of ethics and personal privacy. The main pillars that will support us through these challenges are our Code of Conduct and self-regulation capabilities, our knowledge creation and exchange and the appropriate business facilitator approach to allow the Insights profession to stay relevant.

With that respect, the three key priorities I want to push forward are:

  1. Helping current ESOMAR members to adapt to, and make the most of the opportunities brought by, this exponentially changing Insights ecosystem.
  2. Attracting more tech-driven and analytical emerging players. We all share the same objective, so we need to be much more integrated and complementary to one another under a unifying code of ethics.
  3. Elevating our profession and being the strong voice threefold: to stay ahead of the game for legislation, to get a seat at the C-suite table and to increase our attractiveness among future researchers joining our profession.

My two terms on the ESOMAR Council connecting with members of the research and insights community around the world have allowed me to grasp the global state of our profession’s strengths and challenges. At the same time, I personally made the transition from traditional to digital. These experiences, my professional background, skills and willingness to promote ESOMAR inspire me to offer my candidacy for President. I would love to contribute, and with the help of the newly elected team, ESOMAR staff and all our members, strengthen the essential bridge across continents and practices. Thank you.

Acknoledgment to my public supporters:

Dieter Korczak . Former ESOMAR President.  Head of GP Forschungsgruppe

Judith Passingham.  CEO, Ipsos Global Operations & Ipsos Interactive Services (IIS) at Ipsos

Simon Chadwick. Managing Partner at Cambiar. Former Insights Association President

Cristina Quental.  Vice President, Marketing Insights & Strategic Planning Sands China

Dan Foreman . Former ESOMAR President. Chairman, Non Executive Director and Advisor