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First of all, I want to thank you for visiting this blog and showing your interest in my candidacy. It is a pleasure for me being able to share with you the reasons why I have decided to become a member of the Esomar’s Council.

The Consumer understanding has been the engine of my 19 years of working experience. The consumer has been the focus in all the different roles I have developed all along the Value Chain in the MR Industry: End Client, Agency and Service Provider.

I strongly believe that ESOMAR has to properly represent all the Market Research Value Chain. Indeed, in the current period in which the technology brings new players on the stage. We all have to be aware of the importance of building a strong community, formed by a huge diversity of actors, with solid principles and consistent methodologies that ensure the optimal adoption of the technological (r)evolution.

On top of that, we do need to make sure that the end client, the one that pays the whole value chain, is well included, understands and appraises our approaches and deliveries. We must bet for a clear display and defense of the value that the Market Research contribution has to the set of the market and to society.

I am an Economist by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Postgraduate by the IESE Business School. In Spain, my positions as “End Client” have been: Marketing Director at Auchan Supermarkets, Merchandising Director in Carrefour Supermarkets. In the MR Agency side, I have served for six years as the Retail Director in TNS Worldpanel and Synovate. As a Service Provider of online Data Collection, I am currently leading the international business of Netquest in Europe and Asia.

For the last 4 years I have been very active at Esomar, participating in many Seminars and Conferences in Europe, America and Asia. This continuous exposure allows me to capture the differences among countries, understand the global and local challenges and threats within our Industry and be aware of the latest trends and technologies.

I would like to summarize my motivations to present my candidacy in the following points:

  1. The sector lives moments of the most interesting convulsion. The technology is allowing us to give a spectacular jump in the data collection, which opens new dimensions in the knowledge of the consumer, the base of our profession. I believe that it is important that technological data collection companies can contribute with their vision to the government of Esomar.
  2. I comprehend the different problems and interests of the different gears of the Value Chain and I am willing to promote and support those measures that bring better efficiency to the whole Industry.
  3. Bridge across Continents. I have the perspective of several countries and markets (Spain, Portugal, Latin America and a bit of Asia), that are in the second tier of the evolution of the sector. Understanding their condition, I want to be their interpreter at the Council.
  4. And finally, at a personal level. To take part in the government of the global association of my sector would be a great opportunity to give an exciting step forward, which would definitely improve my professional career, extending the area of vision and interaction. It would be a very rewarding experience from which I would try to revert to the Industry.

I would be delighted to discuss in-depth the ins and outs of our sector, considering factors, I believe key, for the improvement of our industry. If you are interested in establishing an open dialogue, feel free to use this blog.

These are my main motivations and beliefs with which I take part in these elections. I hope they are of your interest and serve to gain your trust and, hopefully, your vote.

Thank you very much.